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William Robertson and Sons Ltd was founded by William Robertson, "Pudding Wullie", over 120 years ago, in 1898. He started out making potted meats, fruit puddings and meaty puddings in a little two room factory, which he bought for only £20.  The only equipment he had was two boilers and a horse and cart which he used for daily deliveries of ice from the fish market to keep his goods fresh for his deliveries.

In 1926, after feeding the troops in World War 1 and making haggis for the Prince of Wales, (Duke of Windsor), William bought a farm in Gorgie. He transformed the farm buildings into a factory equipped with larger, more advanced machinery, allowing him to expand and manufacture various new products, including scotch pies, steak pies and sausages with the help of his son, James Robertson, "Pie Robertson".

robertsons old.jpg

James ran the business until retiring, then handed it over to his son, Walter Robertson, "Wallie Pie", who in 1981 decided to completely renovate the old farm buildings, replacing them with a new, modern purpose-built factory.

Walter now in his 80's has handed the reins over to his son and daughter, Stephen and Shona, although he still has an input. In 2003 the business moved to the outskirts of Edinburgh to a modern factory in Eskbank. Stephen and Shona are currently running the family business with the help of the fifth generation, Scott, Jamie and Alex. 

In April 2019, the sixth generation was born,

Struan Walter Robertson.


We retain our reputation of producing top quality and great tasting products using the original recipes which made our brand famous in the late 19th century.

William Robertson & Sons Ltd

Midlothian & East Lothian Chambers of Commerce
Family Business of the Year 2018

Midlothian & East Lothian Chambers of Commerce
Highly Commended Local Producer of the Year 2019

Midlothian & East Lothian Chambers of Commerce
Highly Commended Local Producer of the Year 2020

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